BMW X6 run sold out for this year

Posted on Saturday, 10 May 2008 , 13:05:44 byEmil

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BMW X6 run sold out for this year

The BMW X6 model is undoubtedly a quite controversial auto. Many critics labeled this an answer to the question no one really asked. So, according to Norbert Reithofer, BMW CEO it is already blockbuster success. At the firm's annual meeting, Reithofer said that the first production of X6 is sold out already.

"The new BMW X6 is best proof of the popularity of the X model range," affirmed Reithofer. "Evidently, many customers were waiting for such a vehicle. The total 2008 production volume is already sold out." The comments during a speech touting the upcoming X1, among other vehicles of the future.

While the X6 unit is "sold out" for this year, but you can still get it — it might be just hard. All the X6 models are sold to dealers already, and the majority of them have already a waiting list. In some of the markets, it's possible to find some dealer with an X6 available — it's only unlikely, especially in the big cities.