Lexus is Highest Ranked Brand in 2008

Posted on Saturday, 10 May 2008 , 05:05:27 byEmil

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Lexus is Highest Ranked Brand in 2008

Lexus is really the highest ranked brand name in the J.D. Power and Associates/What Car? UK Customer Satisfaction Index Study 2008. The result gives Lexus some unbroken record of 8 consecutive years as the maximum ranking firm - one for every single year it has been now eligible for consideration. It's an achievement unmatched by other manufacturer and a reflection of that successful investment Lexus continues making in delivering the products and service of maximum quality.

Belinda Poole, the Lexus Director, affirmed: “This is a fantastic result for Lexus, it provides an independent assessment of our success in setting high industry benchmarks for product quality and customer service.

“We also believe that achieving the highest ranking helps demonstrate how Lexus’s industry lead in bringing a full range of hybrid power models to market has not diminished our ability to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

The J.D. Power plus Associates UK Customer Satisfaction Index Study 2008 was produced from over 16,000 responses from cars registered owner between September 2005 plus August 2006, representing 28 brand names and 100 individual units.