Mazda2 3dr UK cost

Posted on Wednesday, 14 May 2008 , 05:05:40 byEmil

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Mazda2 3dr UK cost

Mazda is debuting three-door variants of its brand new Mazda2 small auto this month, having a beginning price of only £7,999 on-the-road – it's making the TS 3dr 1.3 petrol Mazda2 one of the most cost-competitive small autos in the UK.

“Demand for the new Mazda2 5dr has been greater than we anticipated and the arrival of the new three-door model, with its special appeal to a different group of consumers, will accelerate sales to a much higher level,” comments Mark Cameron, UK marketing director for Mazda.

“Our original small car segment sales target for 2008 was an ambitious, but realistic 12,000 units – tripling our sales in this sector. Now, we are confident of achieving 15,000 sales as the three-door model with its keen pricing, £500 lower model-for-model, boosts the Zoom-Zoom appeal of Mazda2 to a wider audience.”

“Mazda hasn’t had a three-door model in the small car segment since the 1990s and certainly not with the appeal of the new Mazda2, so in some ways we are moving into unknown territory,” says Cameron. “The advertising for the three-door will build on the momentum established by the successful campaign featuring the ‘Spirited Green’ five-door. We will continue to highlight the Mazda2’s athletic performance, agility and light weight, but will feature a Pearlescent White car and also spotlight the lower entry level price”.