No CTS Coupe Convertible by Cadillac

Posted on Friday, 16 May 2008 , 06:05:48 byEmil

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No CTS Coupe Convertible by Cadillac

When Cadillac announced that the CTS Coupe concept unit at the Auto Show in Detroit, everyone expected the coupe-convertible really soon. But sources inside General Motors told Inside Line this action will never happen.

This CTS coupe model was rumored to get a retractable hardtop, an engineering accomplishment offered already on the 3 Series plus Volvo C70, and thhe Infiniti and Lexus already have settled on retractable hardtop units for the G37 plus IS as well.

When queried about the possibility of a CTS convertible, or its early demise, David Caldwell, Cadillac spokesman said "We’re pleased to be the subject of speculation. Maybe that’s a sign that the CTS has struck a chord with some folks. This issue of a convertible is one of the very rare times where we decline the offer to comment".