Mercedes debuts GLK Interactive Web Special

Posted on Saturday, 17 May 2008 , 09:05:36 byEmil

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Mercedes debuts GLK Interactive Web Special

Mercedes-Benz debutes an innovative Web Special, the mercedes-glk site promoting its new GLK compact SUV introduction. The special features some interactive music video that the users can help designing, as well as the “GLK Backstage” area for discussions with those engineers who created the brand new unit.

Just as the GLK's setting all-new trends in the world of SUVs, so too will this GLK Web Special opens new possibilities for the user interaction for online marketing.

“The Internet is one of the most important information channels today,” says Dr. Olaf Goettgens, the Vice President Brand Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars. “Its significance will only increase in the future because, unlike most media, the Web continues to record ever-higher levels of duration of use. We therefore focus a portion of our advertising activities on the Internet in order to reach new and, above all, young target groups. Static online marketing, on the other hand, is becoming less and less important; these days, it’s all about storytelling, moving images, blogs, and other possibilities for users to get involved. That’s why we’re aiming to step up our dialogue with users and incorporate them more closely into our Internet marketing activities.”