Porsche denies Panamera Coupe and baby Cayenne

Posted on Tuesday, 20 May 2008 , 12:05:54 byEmil

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Porsche denies Panamera Coupe and baby Cayenne

In the recent Auto Motor Und Sport interview, Klaus Berning - Porsche marketing exec denied the baby Cayenne and Coupe variant of the upcoming Panamera. Speculation over Porsche making a fifth series in the more popular 4 x 4 range form, following on from Cayenne unit, dismissed by Berning who affirmed:

"That issue has not once been discussed at a managerial level. We are not counting the capacity of our models, and a new 4 x 4 model is not on the agenda. It’s not the way Porsche wants to go right now."

"There is as of yet no concrete plans: it also doesn’t make much sense to assemble a car in the USA when the parts are being produced in Germany and the rest of Europe. Our motto: ’Made in Germany’ works for us," Berning said.