Info about the upcoming F100 by Ford

Posted on Wednesday, 21 May 2008 , 02:05:28 byEmil

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Info about the upcoming F100 by Ford

Ford is developing a more fuel-efficient, lightweight pickup truck, slotting in below the flagship F-150. The all-new pickup truck, nicked P525, is being now engineered on the platform of F-150. But it will be slightly smaller and lighter, supplier and the industry sources told the Automotive News. The pickup's scheduled to go in production in 2011 - in the first half, at Ford’s Michigan Truck Plant located in Wayne, Mich.

The brand new pickup is in the cycle plan of Ford. But it hasn't received the final approval.

"When you see what the F series makes up in terms of the composition of our vehicle lineup, clearly that’s one area we really have to focus on," said Fields.

This new pickup truck will be with unique sheet metal plus innovative storage space. It could very well be powered by a variant of Ford’s all-new V-6 EcoBoost engine, that uses turbo charging plus gasoline direct injection.