Honda confirmed four upcoming hybrid units

Posted on Thursday, 22 May 2008 , 12:05:56 byEmil

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Honda confirmed four upcoming hybrid units

Honda announced a few additional details about its all-new small hybrid that's scheduled for debuting in early 2009. Some official name plus full product details that will be announced later on this year.

So, in addition to reduction of weight, a significant price reduction in IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) components will be resulting on the most affordable hybrid auto to date. This dedicated hybrid car will be offered like a 5-door hatchback having seating for five passengers plus will employ some exterior design concept, evoking the FCX Clarity fuel cell car. Alongside with the Civic Hybrid, the new car will be made at an extended IMA production line at Honda’s Suzuka plant in Japan.

"Honda has been at the forefront of hybrid development since it first introduced the American public to hybrid technology with the Insight in 1999," said John Mendel, the executive vice president of American Honda. "These new advancements in Honda’s technology and production systems will result in cost reductions that will allow us to make hybrid technology available to a whole new generation of buyers."