Fiat 500 coming in America

Posted on Wednesday, 28 May 2008 , 06:05:35 byEmil

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Fiat 500 coming in America

Fiat announced the intention of selling this 500 mini-car by 2010 in USA. The American variant could come now from the North American factory that Fiat Group's scouting for Alfa Romeo.

"I am convinced the 500 with a full range will be a smash (in the United States) if we do it right," said Fiat Group CEO Sergio Marchionne last week on the sidelines of Automotive News Europe Congress.

Marchionne said also that selling the 500 in the U.S. will not mean that the Fiat name will be returning to the U.S. because the 500 is really a brand in itself.

Answering questions from the reporters, Marchionne affirmed the 500 model should be made in North America to have a competitive cost.

The 500 unit debuted as three-door hatchback. The soft-top cabriolet variant will follow next year. And in 2010, Fiat will be adding a long-wheelbase, wagon-style 500. Fiat is considering also an SUV-looking version that could have all-wheel drive.