Mercedes sold 300,000 models of the all-new C-Class

Posted on Tuesday, 3 June 2008 , 13:06:20 byEmil

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Mercedes sold 300,000 models of the all-new C-Class

In the year since the market launch, the all-new Mercedes C-Class is continuing now the success story of the old unit: more than 300,000 buyers have purchased either a station wagon or a sedan variant of this new auto since the official introduction last year on March 31.

“The sedan got off to an excellent start, and since its premiere at dealerships at the end of last year, the new C-Class station wagon has also been enjoying high popularity,” says Dr. Klaus Maier, the Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars. “Both models, in fact, have posted growth rates of 70 percent on the corresponding periods from the prior year since their respective launches. As a result, the new C-Class has been the worldwide leader in its market segment since the beginning of 2008.”

“In the first year of sales, one out of every two C-Class customers in Germany chose the Avantgarde line and in other core markets the share of total sales sometimes is even higher,” affirms Maier. “The response of our customers to the sporty design of the C-Class Avantgarde even exceeded our expectations. This new product strategy makes the vehicle very attractive to the most diverse customers within the heterogeneous C-Class customer base, and it also enables us to win over new customers to the Mercedes-Benz brand.”