Honda sales records in May

Posted on Wednesday, 4 June 2008 , 06:06:44 byEmil

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Honda sales records in May

The overall car industry may be now in shambles, but the fuel-efficient lineup of Honda helped the Japanese carmaker shatter some sales records during May. Honda sales were in May up with an amazing 11.3 percent, breaking the firm`s single month record in sales of 158,342 autos — set in August last year — having 167,997 sales.

Other great records during of May include (the previous record is in parentheses):

American Honda total sales of 114,796 (August 2002: 95,686)
Honda Division total sales of 153,104 (August 2007: 141,906)
Honda Division total sales of 105,548 (August 2003: 84,390)
Honda Civic Hybrid sales of 4,676 (May 2007: 4,520)
Honda Fit sales of 8,205 (March 2008: 6,835)
Acura TSX sales of 4,564 (April 2006: 3,911)

The CR-V and Accord also set sales records for May.

"The dramatic increase in car sales appears to be one of the most profound shifts in automotive buying patterns in more than a decade," said Dick Colliver, the executive vice president of American Honda. "Record sales of the Honda Civic clearly demonstrate an accelerated trend toward fuel efficiency."