Peugeot contemplates its return to the American market

Posted on Friday, 13 June 2008 , 08:06:51 byEmil

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Peugeot contemplates its return to the American market

Strong North American small auto sales could be now enough to tempt France`s car-makers back to America. Rising fuel prices, a trend to the smaller engines plus greater environmental awareness might really be enough for Peugeot to get back to the country it abandoned on the late 1980s.

“If the market continues to go smaller, then we could have something very interesting for US customers,” said Christian Peugeot, the fifth-generation scion of 117-year-old auto-maker.

“We are studying many things about the US and we always have,” he said.

“We are constantly reviewing it. Will they (the customers) continue to buy smaller cars or is it a panicked surge that will not last? This is the key for us,” Peugeot, the firm’s Communication and Strategy Manager, affirmed.

“We have done China and we would go to India and South America first before we look to the U.S.,” he said.

“We left the U.S. because the market out-grew us and we didn’t feel we should follow it,” he affirmed.

“If it’s a market with big cars and big engines and big consumption, then that’s not our way to do business. If it’s not our way to do business, we know better than to get involved in it.

“If they buy smaller cars, then we may have something to offer the U.S. in quality and performance and style that they can’t buy today,” he said.

“Ecological ideas will come to the U.S. one day and the big engines and big consumption cannot last,” he continued.

“Maybe one day the diesel market in the US would be worth us to go there.

“We are the masters with diesel technology and we can do what we can to help make diesel stronger and more accepted there.”