Ford Focus RS 2009

Posted on Friday, 4 July 2008 , 20:07:33 byEmil

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Ford Focus RS 2009

Ford will present at the British Motor Show the Focus RS 2009. It will be on sale at the beginning of 2009. The Focus RS model is powered by some specially created, turbocharged variant of the Duratec 2.5-liter 5-cylinder engine that produces 300 hp with a peak torque of 410Nm.

“We believe it’s vitally important that a Focus RS looks like both a Focus and an RS – it needs to be individual, distinctive and overt in its performance styling, but it also needs to show a clear progression from and relationship to Focus ST”, said Stefan Lamm, the Chief Exterior Designer, Ford of Europe.

“The Ford Focus is an excellent base for a high performance car – agile, responsive and stable,” said Capito. “We studied at length how best to enhance these qualities for a high performance model. Our work has shown clearly that our approach in combining a tuned RevoKnuckle with the Quaife differential is an ideal solution for a high performance front-wheel-drive road car like Focus RS.

“As you would expect, we gave all-wheel-drive careful consideration, but by combining and tuning these elements and learning from Ford’s expertise in industry-leading handling, we have managed to eliminate the weight of AWD from the car and still have been able to target a class-leading balance of traction, handling and performance.

“The result is a lightweight set-up, that will deliver the right blend of traction and razor sharp controllability – in a way no one would have expected from front-wheel-drive, and we believe we have made the right choice,” Capito stated.

“We are refining all the handling characteristics of Focus RS without ESP, to hone its natural responses, rather than use ESP to help its handling. In Focus RS, ESP is a pure safety device”, affirmed Capito.

“RS is uniquely important to us in terms of our performance heritage and World Rally Championship success, while the Focus has played a major part in establishing Ford’s excellent reputation for driving dynamics," declared John Fleming, Ford of Europe President and CEO. "The all-new Focus RS will embrace and celebrate both of these – it will be a genuine RS and a genuine Focus and I’m confident it won’t disappoint in either area”.