Mercedes announces plans for parting ways with McLaren

Posted on Monday, 7 July 2008 , 03:07:22 byEmil

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Mercedes announces plans for parting ways with McLaren

Although it has been greatly assumed that Mercedes will end the McLaren working relationship after the last batch of the 75 SLRs roll out of the assembly line, the two firms have never commented on the future of the partnership. But the assumption turned into reality when Mercedes-Benz announced that it will be parting ways with McLaren after SLR ends the production run on 2009.

“The partnership ends in 2009 and it will not be renewed,” a Mercedes spokesman commented to the Automotive News.
The SLR model has never been the amazing success the German carmaker had hoped for plus Mercedes has just sold 1,577 examples of SLR worldwide since its debut in 2003 – 433 of which were then recalled for overheating.

Mercedes confirmed also it is currently creating a brand new supercar called the SLC which will be replacing the SLR in 2010. The SLC is being now developed in house as expected and will be made by Mercedes-Benz’ AMG department.