1000 Subaru Impreza paying tribute to Colin McRae

Posted on Tuesday, 8 July 2008 , 12:07:35 byEmil

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1000 Subaru Impreza paying tribute to Colin McRae

Almost one year after that tragic crush where Colin McRae - Rally Champion plus three passengers that includes his son ( five-year old) died, 1000 Impreza units are expected to descend on August 31 on Prodrive, as the Subaru community now gathers to pay fitting tribute to Colin McRae.

The British motorsport firm is the home of Subaru World Rally Team, place where Colin spent most successful the rallying career years; first winning British Rally Championship on a Subaru Legacy in 1991 / 1992, before graduating to works team Impreza plus famously becoming the first world rally champion of Britain in 1995.

David Richards, Prodrive chairman, was instrumental on putting this young man Colin McRae in a Subaru, nurturing his talent.He affirmed: “Colin was not only an exceptional driver, but also a remarkable person and a great friend to everyone at Prodrive. Single-handedly he brought the sport of rallying into everyone’s living room, whether it was through his sideways exploits in the forest or through the many video games which bore his name. I can not think of a more fitting tribute to Colin than a gathering of so many Subarus, a car for which he did so much to make as popular as it is today.”