LM GT by Luso Motors

Posted on Friday, 11 July 2008 , 12:07:29 byEmil

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LM GT by Luso Motors

LM GT is a sports auto made by Portuguese Luso Motors in 3 body versions - a shooting-brake and 2 open designs. Luso Motors wants now to put the idea into reality and make a limited series production - the sportscar that`s affordable and can be bought by amateur kit vehicle builders.

LM GT could then be based on some existing chassis, like the one of Lotus Seven or - alternatively - on the specific platform having running gear by BMW which has been created by LusoMotor itself.

So, in both cases the exactly same chassis could get the base for the 3 body style versions: shooting-brake, two-seat roadster and barchetta-style single-seater sportscar.