Upcoming units from Audi

Posted on Tuesday, 15 July 2008 , 17:07:36 byEmil

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Upcoming units from Audi

Some sources from the inside gave Car Magazine some details about the future models of Audi: the next RS4 model will be available supercharged, the V10 of the R8 will be aspirated naturally and there would not be any smaller unit than the A1.

The A1 model will be unveil in 2010 and it will be available like a SUV and convertible, alongside these regular 3- and 5-door hatches. So, it will be sharing the same platform having the upcoming Polo.

The family of A3 will be getting a brand new member: Q3 - that's based on Cross Coupe Quattro concept.

The future RS4 will have the same engine the S4 have, meaning a supercharged V6 3.0-litre. This choice exist because the firm "wanted high torque figure at low rpm." Don’t worry, RS4 will look very sporty.

The upcoming R8 V10 variant it will be aspirated naturally, using exactly the same engine that's on the S8 and S6, not RS6. There is also no chance for the TDI V12 R8. If a diesel R8 by Audi will ever be made it will be with the V8 TDI.

And about the smaller R unit, Audi affirmed that it's a possibility.