Diesel and hybrid for Volkswagen

Posted on Sunday, 20 July 2008 , 04:07:20 byEmil

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Diesel and hybrid for Volkswagen

After deciding on build a brand new factory, the next step for Volkswagen is to do powertrains. Last year Puebla plant turned out with 340,000 engines, quite below its capacity of 500,000 a year. But those are gasoline engines and the company needs also hybrid and diesel.

Stefan Jacoby, the CEO of Volkswagen of America affirmed the vehicles made in Chattanooga are offered in hybrid, diesel and gasoline variants. "We are one of the technology leaders worldwide with diesel technology, and we are very convinced that diesel will have a future here in the United States," said Jacoby.

The euro steadily has been gaining on the American dollar in the last years, making goods made in Europe even more expensive in the US. A year ago, 1 dollar was worth exactly 0.79 euros. Last week, 1 dollar was 0.63 euros.

Volkswagen doesn’t make any transmissions in North America, affiormed Thomas Karig, the vice president of corporate relations / strategy at Volkswagen de Mexico.