Beijing auto limits to clean the air

Posted on Monday, 21 July 2008 , 06:07:40 byEmil

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Beijing auto limits to clean the air

When we`re talking about the air quality, Beijing really tops the worst list. The city will show on the worldwide display now at the summer’s Olympics, photos of hazy skies, athletes wearing some facemasks, trying to stay healthy it will not bee good for the city.

In effort to lift this fog, the authorities in China began some program that utilizes license plates, prohibiting some passenger autos from the city. So, during alternate days, just odd or even numbered plate will be allowed on roads of the capital city of China. Beijing's reported now to be home to around 3.5 million vehicles in total, plus this ban should really take about 1 million passenger cars off the street.

Beijing is doing the best that it can keeping the citizens happy and in the meantime trying to impress the whole world. Until September, when the ban`s lifted, no one is forced to pay the road and car taxes. This's part of a bigger comprehensive plan, including stopping big construction projects, some closing high-polluting plants, even firing important projectiles in the clouds, encouraging rain.