Volvo creating C30 R prototype 350 horsepower

Posted on Monday, 21 July 2008 , 04:07:33 byEmil

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Volvo creating C30 R prototype 350 horsepower

Although Volvo C30 model is a stylish and competent hatchback, often it has been criticized for the uninspiring performance. Now Volvo added R-design package (photographed above) giving the C30 unit some extra show, never addressed the compartment of the engine. This could change very well as Volvo created a C30 R prototype 350 horsepower.

The prototype's based on the present C30, borrowing the drivertrain from Euro-spec Ford Focus RS. So, although this inline-five turbocharged pumps 300 horsepower in the Focus RS-guise, the Volvo engineers now tweaked the engine wringing out an extra 50 horsepower on the C30 R model. And moreover, this power's sent to all 4 wheels in Volvo, whereas Focus RS model does with only front-wheel drive.

So don’t go down to the local dealer for Volvo just now. Motor Authority said this project could be now stalled because of the rising fuel costs plus the standards for the looming emission. This prototype exist... so there's still hope that it will finally get that green light.