Prius production increased with 70 percent

Posted on Sunday, 27 July 2008 , 06:07:46 byEmil

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Prius production increased with 70 percent

A new car from Prius is now on its way, and as we see, a lot of these are coming. Toyota will be increasing Prius production for 2009 by 70%, meaning about 480,000 models every year. Toyota builds now most of these gasoline-electric hot-selling autos at the Tsutsumi plant in central Japan plus another factory belonging to the affiliate Toyota Auto Body. Also it assembled 320 Prius units last year in China.

Toyota sold in 2007 281,300 Prius vehicles worldwide plus now there’re thousands of client that are waiting months even for delivery, on the US market especially. The world’s largest carmaker recently announced also a plan to begin making the Prius model at a new location by 2010 in Mississippi.

Toyota has sold over 1 million hybrid cars worldwide already. Now its all-new goal is to sell after 2010 at least 1 million hybrid autos every year. Considering that Prius can get this halfway to that goal alone, these hybrid variants of Highlander and Camry would not have to sell that much to get the job done.