Mercury and Lincoln complementing each other

Posted on Tuesday, 29 July 2008 , 07:07:14 byEmil

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Mercury and Lincoln complementing each other

Despite some earlier reports, Mercury (Ford`s brand) will not be facing the axe but will be getting instead more new cars, but they will be entry-level, smaller, but premium autos and crossover models that will be complementing the Lincoln brand name, say the senior executives. So, the Lincoln smallest offer will be the mid-sized sedan units, with Mercury that's offering now smaller cars, including a vehicle based on next-generation Ford Focus, this due to coming in 2010 to North America.

Mercury and Lincoln will complement each other,” Derrick Kuzak, the global product chief at Ford, said recently in Detroit News. “Lincoln will start with midsized sedans and move up from there.”

Ford toyed previously with this idea of eliminating Mercury name, focusing on Lincoln instead, but reconsidered after studying all the demographic that Mercury attracts. And compared to the Lincoln shoppers, Mercury clients are younger, comprising of more females. So hence, the all-new line-up, including crossover autos, will have an important assortment of small and fuel-efficient units.

Other plans are to aim at boosting fuel economy of every product that Ford has, including offering buyers a six-speed automatic in every unit by 2013, having the option of EcoBoost engine available by the same deadline in 90 % of the vehicles.