RMR Genesis Coupe by Hyundai to be revealed at SEMA

Posted on Wednesday, 30 July 2008 , 11:07:50 byEmil

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RMR Genesis Coupe by Hyundai to be revealed at SEMA

Hyundai and RMR (Rhys Millen Racing) will reveal a customized Genesis Coupe on the next SEMA Show. This Hyundai RMR 2.0t "Art of Speed" Genesis Coupe will run with a DOHC inline 4- cylinder 2.0-liter engine having RMR turbo kit unit for maximum torque and horsepower. It will have heavy-duty sequential HKS transmission and coil over K&W suspension for putting the additional power on the ground.

"The unique part of this project is that it will be moving art, which is why we named it the ’Art of Speed,’" says Rhys Millen, the professional race driver and the founder of RMR. "The focus will be on the engine and a radical body design to complement the factory body lines. We are going to transform the Genesis Coupe into an apex-carving machine with jaw-dropping looks. We think it has the possibility of being one of the coolest cars at the show."

"We’ve been excited about working with Rhys Millen since the minute he walked through our doors at Hyundai Motor America," says John Krafcik, the vice president for product development and strategic planning at Hyundai Motor America. "Genesis Coupe is a rear-wheel drive performance machine we designed to capture the hearts of hardcore automotive enthusiasts, so we can’t wait to see Rhys’ RMR Genesis Coupe on the race track."

Inside it will look like a racing cockpit having Sparco steering wheel, seats, eight-point roll cage plus a carbon fiber RMR dash.