MTM RS6 R model based on RS6 Avant by Audi

Posted on Friday, 1 August 2008 , 14:08:41 byEmil

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MTM RS6 R model based on RS6 Avant by Audi

With help from ECU was obtained an amazing 656 hp, 785 Nm of torque. Having these numbers in hand, the 0-100 km/h sprint is obtained in 3.9 seconds; the maximum speed can be restricted at 279, 290 or even 310 km/h. All of which are offered costing 3999 euro. And according to the carmaker, an even stronger variant of the auto is under creation having a massive 702 hp.

This exclusive sports suite that's from MTM for Audi RS6 model is rounded off now by the big 21" bimoto wheel rims MTM in 10.5 x 21", that are available on the finishes "diamond-cut" or "shiny", and which the MTM offers also in conjunction with the size 285/30ZR21 tires. So, as an alternative, the MTM is offering the bimoto wheel rim as the new and forged 20 inch variant also. Fitting the alloy forged wheels, that are lighter on weight if compared with the cast alloy wheels, is enhancing both the braking and agility performance of this strong station wagon unit.

MTM is offering this mix of power-boosted engine, changed breathing, suspension strut, 21" wheels and exhaust system for the package price beginning from 15,500 Euro.