The pricing for Acura MDX 2009

Posted on Saturday, 2 August 2008 , 04:08:44 byEmil

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The pricing for Acura MDX 2009

Acura announced the pricing for the MDX luxury SUV 2009. Prices are: MDX, $40,790; MDX having Technology Package and Entertainment Package at $46,590; MDX - Technology Package for $44,840; MDX having Sport Package, 46,940 dollars; and MDX - Sport and Entertainment Packages, 48,690 dollars.

The MDX 2009 runs with a 3.7-liter V6 VTEC engine that produces around 300 hp. The 2009 unit is on sale currently.
Acura has the MDX 2009 luxury SUV pricing, which is at the moment on-sale at the Acura dealerships locations nationwide.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing is... for the MDX 2009: MDX, 40,790 dollars; MDX - Technology Package, 44,840 dollars; MDX - Technology Package and Entertainment Package, 46,590 dollars; MDX - Sport Package, 46,940 dollars; MDX - Sport and Entertainment Packages, 48,690 dollars. Although the MDX has improved features, the pricing for this 2009 unit represents some modest 1.43 percent of sales weighted average cost increase. The Destination and Handling of course is not included on MSRP, plus for the MDX 2009 remains unmodified at 760 dollars.

"Already considered a benchmark in the performance luxury SUV category, the MDX improves for 2009," said Dick Colliver, the executive vice president in sales. "We expect the 2009 MDX to continue as one of Acura’s best selling models."