Mercedes E-Class Photos of the Display Screen

Posted on Thursday, 7 August 2008 , 13:08:46 byEmil

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Mercedes E-Class Photos of the Display Screen

Since the last months the E-Class wagon spied photos shows dual fog lamps plus front fascia - partially uncovered, these final photos present the E-Class unit covering back having the same camouflage like before - heavy. However, it shows the large center display screen, snagged most likely from the S-Class unit, which is located now on the upper dash panel, not on the lower center console. So, despite this new glimpse, this is not the first time you have seen that hooded angular screen dash.

Just out of the view is this all-new mounted gear shift lever steering column which no longer is occupying the center console. Since BMW has moved that gear shift lever from back down the steering column to the center console on the brand new 7-Series.

This 2010 E-Class model, expected to debut in Frankurt in 2009 will be offering a wide variety of engines and ranging from 4 cylinder petrol engine having 184 hp up to 544 hp V8 like the diesels ranging that's from 136 hp four cylinder to a V8 354 hp. However, clients will wait for the hybrid variant for another year. Insiders are saying that in 2010 this E-Class model is going to be found as the hybrid E 300 Bluetech which will be receiving power from a V6 3.0 litre 224 hp and an electric 15kW engine with integrated start generator.