Pricing for the Escalade Hybrid 2009

Posted on Friday, 8 August 2008 , 15:08:13 byEmil

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Pricing for the Escalade Hybrid 2009

Cadillac announced the pricing for the Escalade Hybrid 2009 which will be this month on sale. Pricing starts at 71,685 – 3,600 dollars over Escalade, which is comparably equipped.

Powered by the 2-Mode Hybrid system of GM, which can run on the electric-only mode - low speeds. This Escalade Hybrid model will be delivering more than the reported improvement of 50 percent in the economy of fuel in city driving. You can find the Escalade Hybrid in 4WD and 2WD configurations. It produces 6,000 pounds (2,721 kg) usable towing capacity for the 2WD autos plus 5,700 pounds (2,585 kg) for the 4WD cars. All of Escalade units standard comfort plus convenience particularities are included. Meaning an eight-inch, a touch-screen system of navigation displaying performance readouts on screen of the 2-Mode Hybrid system.

β€œIn a changing marketplace emphasizing fuel economy technology, Cadillac is proud to be the only luxury brand offering a hybrid in this segment,” said Jim Taylor, the Cadillac general manager.

Escalade Hybrid has the advanced Two-Mode Hybrid high tech from GM, enabling EPA economy on fuel ratings - 20/21 miles / a gallon (city/highway). This hybrid system operates the auto on battery-electric power entirely during idling or the low-speed situations of driving. Escalade Hybrid incorporates also the technology of Active Fuel Management, enabling the V-8 Vortec engine to work on only 4 cylinders in some driving conditions saving fuel. Escalade Hybrid comes as a whole package, this includes nearly all the available luxury and tech features as basic. The 2 extra-cost options are 4-wheel drive and the power running boards.