2010 XF-R by Jaguar

Posted on Monday, 11 August 2008 , 20:08:43 byEmil

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2010 XF-R by Jaguar

If Jaguar is really serious about pitting the XF saloon model against the 5-series from BMW and E-Class by Mercedes-Benz, it will have now to expand the lineup beyond the present handful of units. Jaguar has 2 gaping holes currently in its XF area, entry-level unit rivaling the BMW 5-series 2.0L diesel and A6 from Audi in Europe, plus a performance flagship competing with autos like the RS6, M5 and E630.

Officials are about to green-light the debut of an all-new base unit but we know there is an area-topping XF-R on the works. The all-new vehicle has been captured by the spy photographers making tests in America and when this reaches showrooms in early 2009 expecting to see a new supercharged V8 5.0L engine under the hood. The levels of power should be about the 500hp mark plus this engine will make its way also in the all-new Range Rover Sport that's from Land Rover; a future XKR-R as well.

Telltale signs this isn't an ordinary unit, a set of the quad exhaust pipes, discreet bootlid spoiler, and larger air intakes in the front bumper. This car sits lower also thanks to the firmer suspension and wider tires, housed in a bit flared fenders.