VW Golf GTI debuting at the Motor Show in Paris

Posted on Monday, 11 August 2008 , 07:08:03 byEmil

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VW Golf GTI debuting at the Motor Show in Paris

Volkswagen reveals Golf GTI, which for many of us is the hot consummate hatch, being displayed revealed in October. A bit of a power boost and a redesigned look will give some fresh aspect while leaving some of it intact of the familiar that the outgoing unit had; that fans should now be comfortable in the new auto.

The Mark VI Golf platform is the base for the this GTI update, and like the more daily companions, GTI is the evolutionary step through the future, not a revolutionary change. Reports suggest that the new vehicle will run with a turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol engine - 210hp (157kW).

Meaning the new GTI is gaining a little (10hp/7kw) over that old model, still leaving some room for the more potent, as-yet unannounced six-cylinder of the R32 unit. The all-new GTI's expected to have a new engine having Audi-developed valve timing, variable, which will be providing the power boost while reducing the fuel consumption also, reported Automobilwoche.

Exterior accents - tipped to include basic 18-inch plus optional 19-inch alloy wheels plus LED running daytime lights. October's the month of the Motor Show in Paris and that is the most obvious locale for the debut of the new GTI.