Drop - a brand new type of auto

Posted on Wednesday, 13 August 2008 , 10:08:16 byEmil

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Drop - a brand new type of auto

Designers and engineers are at odds usually when it`s about making vehicles. What makes an auto unique and beautiful, will make it also harder to build. The Michelin Challenge Design is trying to bridge the gap by establishing some closer relationship involving the design community—mixing high tech innovation having transportation design creating cars that clients want to buy to enjoy driving.

So one of the more concepts presented at Michelin Challenge Design this year is the unique single passenger Drop. This Drop model comes from the Rubem De Floriani's mind, 26-year-old product design, that graduated at the Catholic University - Rio de Janeiro.

Drop was created following a brand new car modality where the people are not isolated by the autos; they become now part of some mobile community. So each person can personalize his/her vehicle to an individual personality. It has the ability of change angles plus it uses less road space in the respective location.

The Drop unit can be access from a frontal hatchway – windshield also; it assumes a vertical position.

The wheels are 4 magnetized rubber spheres serving as orientation and displacement electromagnetic field for maglev system. The levitation is between the body and the spheres on a system of electrodynamics suspension - as a little damping system, shorting maneuvers - turning around its axle easier. The rubberized wheels' contact would be in a bit magnetized floors, raising the tack and security of the car.