More Honda models for USA

Posted on Wednesday, 13 August 2008 , 08:08:45 byEmil

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More Honda models for USA

After the revealing on the USA market of the Fit subcompact, sales grow in here substantially. So, encouraged by the results Honda will bring more units its lineup in Japan to the market in North America.

Honda studied the Stream compact wagon plus a Japanese variant of Odyssey minivan - categorized as station wagon in America, Bonawitz affirmed in an interview in California, Malibu. He didn't say whether would be added in the American lineup at Honda.

The carmaker is benefiting also from fuel-efficient demand of Civic small vehicles and 4-cylinder Accords. The U.S. sales for Honda grown this year 3.2 percent, compared with 11 percent industry decline on first 7 months.

The firm wouldn’t rush Japan market units to America until it is confident present U.S. patterns are to continue, affirmed Bonawitz, who's managing a team of product planners in the U.S..