Nissan Murano Convertible 2011

Posted on Thursday, 14 August 2008 , 11:08:45 byEmil

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Nissan Murano Convertible 2011

Four-door convertible units are a very rare breed now. The extra space needs to go topless now over a sedan creating structural and safety problems when the roof is misplace. Lincoln’s 67 Continental in fact was quite the last sedan convertible model coming direct from plant. But Nissan It seems to think about breaking the streak... kinda.

The Murano by Nissan got a redesign in 2008, but by 2011 it's possible to give clients a new reason for visiting it at the showroom. The carmaker's looking to take the top off the SUV unit. Nissan will be sticking with the more traditional soft top keeping the weight down. So this will be helping to keep the economy of fuel to the present mixed city/highway rating 21 mpg. The basic Murano’s 3.5L V6 265 horsepower and CVT transmission remaining, with clients being able of choosing between front plus all-wheel drive.

Do not expect the Murano convertible 2011 coming cheap. Some top-of-the-line Murano LE 2009 having all-wheel drive plus an navigation system optional priced at 39,080 Dollars including charges of delivery, and the brand new convertible unit will sit likely at the top in this lineup.