German garage lifting autos right where the owners see them

Posted on Friday, 15 August 2008 , 12:08:35 byEmil

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German garage lifting autos right where the owners see them

Car enthusiasts really love looking again again at their precious 4 wheeled children and sometimes even more then their 2 legged family. This can be problematic with the garages, you can't watch TV, or eat dinner, drift off to sleep and in the same time staring at your automobile. So thanks to a Berlin architects team you can. They designed the fabulous living space for your machine and you: drive-in apartment.

“Cars have become design statements, an expression of your lifestyle,” says Johannes Kauka, managing director of apartments completion. “So why not integrate them properly into your life? The effect is to make the car part of the interior decoration: a work of art that the proud owner can admire from his sofa. The customers all have a special relationship to cars, they have petrol in their veins.”

Each apartment has a private aerial garden also, having optional putting course. Floor space, including those aerial gardens plus CarLoggias, is ranging on size from 2411 sq ft - 5,802 sq ft for that penthouse. Prices begin at 450,600 Euro (667,500 Dollars) depending on fittings and size.