General Motors gives employee discount

Posted on Wednesday, 20 August 2008 , 14:08:27 byEmil

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General Motors gives employee discount

GM may be reclaiming the world`s biggest automaker title (more likely kick-starting the slowing market in America.) Tomorrow GM will redebut the incentive `employee discount for everyone` program. GM used this program in the 2005's summer to amazing initial success. It's expected on running through the 2nd of September.

This is an important cost break. As Automotive News said, a Buick Enclave crossover 2008 that lists for 44,010 dollars will be selling for the employee cost of 39,561 dollars. An sedan Buick Lucerne listing for 35,220 dollars carries the employee cost of 31,813 dollars. General Motors will go even further in discount on a few units. It will be offering cash back on the light trucks slower-selling including the Silverado pickup, affirmed a dealer who just had been briefed by General Motors.

Those who are in the industry, opposing the program, last time they were concerned that General Motors let this program on for too long, meaning that there weren't perspective buyers left for year-end sales. The deep discounts also may harm that residual values of General Motors autos.