GM designing European units in America

Posted on Tuesday, 2 September 2008 , 21:09:35 byEmil

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GM designing European units in America

GM decided that a few units from Holden, Daewoo, Vauxhall or Opel to be styled at Michigan. This decision is the response to American car programs being canceled or delayed, freeing up the designers in the U.S. for some other projects. The Chevrolet Impala rear-drive and some unnamed Buick sedan model have been dropped now, for example, and General Motors’ next-generation of pickup programs – postponed.

"We have had a couple studios where some projects have been canceled," said Ed Welburn, General Motors’ design vice president. "We have other studios that are totally overloaded. We just need to level that work around the globe."

Some studios, in particular, are overloaded having design work for small autos. General Motors’ small-auto programs based on Adam Opel r&d center - Germany and General Motors Daewoo Auto & Technology Co. - Korea.

"They can’t handle it all," Welburn affirmed, "so some of that work will be done in North America."