Chrysler cutting the Mexican workforce

Posted on Wednesday, 3 September 2008 , 13:09:26 byEmil

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Chrysler cutting the Mexican workforce

Chrysler will cut 300 of the 1,700 employees on its assembly factory (light truck) in Saltillo, Mexico. This plant makes Ram 1500, 2500, plus 3500 series trucks, that are exported mainly to Canada and the United States. The plant is expected also to pick up the production for the Nissan trucks.

GM last month announced also 600 jobs cuts at the industrial complex on Silao - Mexico. This Silao factory makes some of General Motors’ GMT-900-based autos, as well as transmissions and engines.

Both GM and Chrysler attribute this cut of jobs directly to that slumping market in the U.S.. Chrysler will higher around 485 people when production of the Phoenix engines begins next year on Saltillo. But there's good news now for the Mexican workers, Freightliner will have a new factory up and running by 2009 in Mexico.