GM - Kappa II Platform

Posted on Wednesday, 3 September 2008 , 13:09:34 byEmil

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GM - Kappa II Platform

GM tries to find solutions on becoming again what it was: a profitable car maker. After announcing the firm will focus on the small vehicles, General Motors has announced now that there will not be a Kappa II platform; this means we will not be seeing on the future units like Pontiac Solstice, Daewoo SX2, Saturn Sky plus Opel GT roadster models.

When Saturn Sky and the Pontiac Solstice came on the market, General Motors was losing about $10,000 per auto made. Why? Well, because, according to General Motors, this cars are “image cars” for the respective brand names, by this, GM is justifying the losses.

Kappa architecture - hydroformed as s part of that fabrication process achieving the frame rails and dimensions needed. Lots of the body panels (mainly the hood, fenders and deck-lid) are hydroformed tool. Hydra-forming - a costly fabrication way, particularly for autos that have low beginning costs and low volume for booting. Adding the fact that Kappa cars are namely “hand built” autos (at least on today’s standards); becoming quite obvious why General Motors will never get an investment return on products by Kappa.