O.CT Tuning presents Audi R8 and RS6 Avant

Posted on Sunday, 14 September 2008 , 10:09:26 byEmil

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O.CT Tuning presents Audi R8 and RS6 Avant

O.CT Tuning really loves Audi cars, so demonstrating this, just unveiled the customization programme for R8 and the newly debuted RS6 Avant model. For the fans the R8 by Audi was the ideal auto but O.CT didn't thought so and with help from an all-new exhaust power system the vehicle gained an added 26 hp helping it with 1,5 seconds faster, than the basic R8, on the 0 to 124 mph sprint.

The RS6 Avant model, as you know is now one of the quickest station wagon on the worldwide but being tuner, this means wanting more always to sustains the words O.CT Tuning boosted the auto with help of a few ECU tweaking to the amazing 650 hp 750 Nm torque. Still, having help of a brand new, custom made 4-pipes exhaust mode, the car received a 700 hp (well deserved) and a 200 mph top speed, just like the MTM and ABT brothers.

Audi RS6 Avant having 580 hp this new RS6 model can claim to be now the most powerful station wagon/estate on the whole world. The O.CT takes it further. With a recently programmed engine control model a 650 HP and 750 Nm power enhancement is reached.

That is why the O.CT variant saves around 3 seconds while it sprints from 0 - 250 km/h outspacing the original RS6 with over 30 carlenghts! A 325 km/h* top speed can be enabled now upon wish (*tyres maximum speed over 300 km/h).