Cadillac CTS-V wagon it`s on the way also

Posted on Tuesday, 16 September 2008 , 07:09:06 byEmil

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Cadillac CTS-V wagon it`s on the way also

CTS-V sedan coupe variant was the first. At the moment after the debut, we will have also a CTS-V coupe model. So if the Sport Wagon CTS is successful now, it would not be so far of stretch for the Cadillac to build a CTS-V wagon model.

If built, CTS-V station wagon unit will be competing with autos like Mercedes E63 AMG or Audi RS6 but will be a lot more cheaper: this considering the CTS-V sedan 2009 will begin right at 60,000 dollars, the wagon variant would still be around 25,000 dollars less expensive than E63 wagon.

This station wagon model will have the same configuration RWD as the sedan one, alongside with the 19-inch wheels that carries Michelin PS2s, plus the revised front-end styling, accommodating the supercharged tall motor providing for better cooling than a standard auto’s front clip. So it would do this quarter-mile on the mid-12-second area carrying 121.9 cubic feet cargo.