Introducing the Peapod Electric Vehicle GEM

Posted on Thursday, 25 September 2008 , 10:09:13 byEmil

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Introducing the Peapod Electric Vehicle GEM

GEM, a firm of Chrysler LLC, introduced the next gen of clean, emission-free, gas-free, battery electric autos. Chrysler will be showing the styling unit for the production GEM 2009 at the firm’s headquarters 23 of Sept. The re-styled GEM unit is scheduled now for the next year production.

The GEM Peapod has center console offering iPod integration and hands-free operation also for the iPhone customer. Other innovations: ergonomic, mesh seating, supportive, enabling air circulation, making it more comfortable; it uses eco-friendly recycled, recyclable materials.

The GEM autos are available now in six units: 2-, 4- and 6-passenger vehicles and 3 utility cars. Maximum speed - 25 miles / hour, an up to 30 miles / charge range (battery charge's extended via the regenerative braking usage) and they are street legal on over 40 states. Rechargeable anytime, at a 110-volt standard outlet in approximately 6 to 8 hours.

“We have evolved the GEM design language to better reflect its eco-friendly performance and its upbeat, positive image,” said Peter Arnell, the Chief Innovation Officer for Chrysler LLC, leading the design process. “These vehicles use no gasoline and emit no pollutants. So whether it’s a trip around the neighborhood or the drive to school or work, the GEM Peapod is the ideal way to contribute to a greener planet, and a healthy lifestyle."

“Over the past decade, GEM has established itself as the nation’s leading battery-powered, pure electric vehicle,” said Rick Kasper - GEM President and COO. “We have done that by responding to the needs of our customers for safety, utility, versatility and performance in environmentally friendly vehicles."