Fiat Topolino made in Serbia

Posted on Thursday, 25 September 2008 , 08:09:59 byEmil

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Fiat Topolino made in Serbia

Fiat signed the official deal with Zastava factory in Serbia - Kragujevac, at the start of the year. So, the Italian carmaker intends on making the next Topolino right here after the increase production of the plant.

The Topolino unit will be now less than 3 metres long, plus will run with a new petrol 2-cylinder engine coming in both turbocharged and normally aspirated form, making about 90bhp and 65bhp respectively.

The brand new motor is using an iron cost-saving engine block on place of the aluminium, but it has ‘MultiAir’ innovative variable valve system of Fiat, which should really make it amazingly clean: the firm is targeting the emissions of CO2 of under 90g/km.

When Topolino will go on sale on 2010 and it will be now the first 2-cylinder auto to be sold all across the western markets in Europe since the Citroen 2CV's demise. Costs will begin from about 6500 Euro.