Toyota revealing in LA the CNG Camry Hybrid concept

Posted on Thursday, 25 September 2008 , 16:09:05 byEmil

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Toyota revealing in LA the CNG Camry Hybrid concept

Toyota will reveal in November at the Auto Show in Los Angeles a CNG (compressed natural gas) Camry Hybrid concept car. The firm says the CNG unit is prime energy-source up for the future.

So, the CNG benefits are now being amplified with the quickly changing conditions on market and a raise in the environmental awareness of the consumer. Its drawbacks at the same time include the advanced techs will be requiring investment on appropriate infrastructure. American CNG pipeline system - an approx. 1.8 million network mile, expanding.

"With the combination of plentiful long-term supplies in North America, improved and more efficient recovery methods, favorable pricing and clean-burn/low emissions characteristics, CNG has become a prime energy-source for the future," said Irv Miller, the group vice president at TMS Corporate Communications. "With this concept, we are confirming our interest in pursuing CNG within our broad and comprehensive R&D scope."

"Natural gas," continurs Miller, "and an expanded retail-friendly CNG infrastructure could be seen as a model for future hydrogen infrastructure."