Hyundai presents Genesis Coupe Street Concepts

Posted on Friday, 26 September 2008 , 03:09:57 byEmil

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Hyundai presents Genesis Coupe Street Concepts

Next to the HKS and Rhys Millen, Hyundai will debut the 3rd Genesis Coupe customized at the SEMA Show. So, this time it`s partnering with the Street Concepts. The Genesis Coupe Street Concepts will be have black camouflage, a stealth paint design fighter-inspired complimenting its style. The exterior will feature also a customized grille design, APR rear wing and tinted taillights.

The Genesis Coupe Street Concepts will be showcasing Volk racing wheels 19-inch, performance tires, Brembo brakes and a changed suspension. A cat-back Magnaflow exhaust plus cold air intake system enhancing the V6 3.8-liter engine's performance.

Interior changes features dashboard carbon fiber accents, a customized audio Infinity system, Cobra seats plus black suede accents that are designed on fitting the jet fighter stealth theme.

"Its aggressive, powerful design and high performance attributes make the Genesis Coupe a perfect vehicle for SEMA," said Shawn Williams, the owner of Street Concepts. "We plan to maximize the driving capabilities of the Genesis Coupe while striving for a level of practicality so that average consumers can take ideas from our vehicle and adapt it to their own."

"From its inception, Genesis Coupe was developed with the tuner buyer in mind. The Street Concepts vehicle accentuates the core DNA of the product, born from enthusiast driver demands," affirmed Derek Joyce, the Genesis Coupe product manager at Hyundai Motor America. "The three Genesis Coupes scheduled to be displayed at the SEMA Show exemplify the tuner-based performance potential of the vehicle”.