Porsche Panamera - the brand new Citroen C6

Posted on Thursday, 2 October 2008 , 04:10:24 byEmil

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Porsche Panamera - the brand new Citroen C6

As I saw some spy images that Autoblog put on with the Porsche Panamera, I now realized the reason why I can not think of this auto as a true Porsche. It is because it really isn`t a genuine Porsche; It is a... Citroen.

Although Porsche's well known for its original designs, so when it wanted a combination of looks between Cayenne and 911 into some long wheel-based sedan unit, it made the Citroen C6 having a bit of the CX too. So far everything shows that Panamera sedan is a long vehicle with the sloping back, that's the hallmark of a big Citroen sedan car.

But, if it CX was good for French presidents, then Panamera should be making the common man now feel regal.

The coupe variant will look better . Maybe this camouflage masks a surprise auto. Maybe Porsche is a firm out for the profits, so (like Estoque and Lamborghini) it will be trading on the sports auto appearance to sell sedan models.