Presenting Pininfarina B Zero

Posted on Saturday, 4 October 2008 , 04:10:02 byEmil

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Presenting Pininfarina B Zero

Pininfarina revealed at the Auto Show in Paris the B Zero concept auto, an electric unit, going in mass production, having the first models coming from the production line in the end of next year.

The B Zero runs by batteries, rechargeable in only a few hours. So, the battery doesn't require maintenance plus it has a lifespan of about 200,000 km (meaning 125,000 miles). The auto's LMP batteries help combating the air pollution. And the batteries of B0 contribute also to minimizing the noise, another curse affecting people’s life quality on urban environments.

Because it's electric powered 100%, the B0 doesn't generate any king of pollution. But the generating electricity process which the auto is using must also, if possible, not have made atmospheric pollution. This is why the B0 makers have designed it incorporating every solution created to optimize all the energy efficiency of the car and clean energy sources use.