Venturi Volage review

Posted on Saturday, 4 October 2008 , 20:10:11 byEmil

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Venturi Volage review

After autos like the Nissan Nuvu and the Citroen GT the Auto Show in Paris is beginning to appear like it`s the perfect place to introduce the electric dream vehicles. Now Venturi, in its second day, came with a brand new addition in its line-up: Volage Concept, a 2 seater roadster that's looking on going in 2012 in production.

This Volage is completely made with carbon fiber. Venturi affirms it "incorporates innovations which have enabled radical changes in terms of the vehicle’s architecture, style, dynamic behavior and, more generally, the design of a modern vehicle."

Volage has Michelin Active Wheel tech incorporating 4 wheel motors having a 73 hp per engine top power, or a sum of 292 hp plus a 232 NM (4x58 NM) peak torque. It makes the sprint from zer0 to 50 mph in less than five seconds.