Greener auto by AMG

Posted on Saturday, 11 October 2008 , 14:10:19 byEmil

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Greener auto by AMG

Big future problem - fuel economy. And even the performance autos are in need to do something now about this. Here`s one of the motive AMG announced by the end of this decade it will reveal a petrol-electric mild-hybrid unit with start-stop high-tech, energy recuperation plus functionality on-demand that will be4 best for the present V8 6.2-litre’s economy plus emission numbers by about 30 percent.

Future AMG unit will borrow heavily aspects from the newly debuted S400 BlueHybrid auto: "Although hybrids normally mean more weight, we’ll use our knowledge of lightweight material to offset this increase. And don’t forget, AMG is all about torque, and electric engines develop their torque at standstill."

Also there will be in the future a diesel engine, most likely the twin-turbo variant of the present V6 3.0-litre on the C-class: "Of course if we did a diesel it would have to be part of a business plan that really stacks up."