Aussie Ford`s FPV 5th Anniversary edition

Posted on Sunday, 12 October 2008 , 05:10:32 byEmil

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Aussie Ford`s FPV 5th Anniversary edition

FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) unveiled the FPV Fifth Anniversary Edition in Sydney at the International Motor Show in Australia. FPV - the high-tech arm of Australian Ford (like the Ford U.S. defunct now Special Vehicles Team.) So this special edition: Aussie full-size Ford Falcon GT unit will have a 200 units limit costing 71,890 Dollars (Australia).

Ford's power comes from quad-cam 5.4-liter V8 32 valve Boss 315 producing 432 hp. Sedan choices of transmission are a 6 speed manual or a ZF 6 speed automatic transmission high torque having Sequential Sport Shift. For stopping all the power, Ford now upgraded the brakes making six-piston Brembo brake wrap package.

"In only five short years, FPV has grown to become an icon in Australian performance motoring," said Rod Barrett - FPV General Manager.

"In recognition of this milestone we are launching a vehicle which will ensure this tradition continues."

The FPV Fifth Anniversary is offering over 9,600^ Dollars worth of extra features for premium of just 5,300 Dollars over the Recommended Retail Price on FPV GT sedan.

The Recommended Retail Price on FPV 5th Anniversary is 71,890 Dollars.

The pricing is reflecting 4,353 Dollars of net client value for FPV Fifth Anniversary Limited Edition.