The ultimate design on Arash AF10

Posted on Monday, 13 October 2008 , 06:10:25 byEmil

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The ultimate design on Arash AF10

Arash made the announcement of the ultimate design on AF10, the superauto, born from the automobile passion, the driving thrill and beauty enchantment. But, it's true, AF10 will be giving lots of problems to all the great names on the superauto market.

AF10 has a carbon-fiber body inspired apparently by Ferrari Enzo (that's aside from all the adjustable wing on driving), carbon fiber chassis is helping the weight, reducing to only 2,600 lbs.

The firm placed under the hood a V8 7,0 liter engine from the Corvette Z06, that tuned up right to 530 hp. When will be going on sale next year, Arash AF10 unit will cost 214.000 Euro (about 290,000 Dollars at the present rates).