The V10 R8 and convertible Audi coming in 2009

Posted on Tuesday, 14 October 2008 , 08:10:24 byEmil

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The V10 R8 and convertible Audi coming in 2009

Audi adores the R8 model. It`s that kind of auto it does not have any need of advertising to make the sales good (it is sold out for 2009 in the U.S. and in Europe now has a 8 month period waiting list.) The only problem of Audi with this R8 unit is the production capacity. Making only 27 R8 autos a day and affirms that this number really cannot be raised . To divide this market further, these 27 daily R8 cars will not be yet divided, making more variants, including the last reported Spyder and V10 variations.

The R8 V10 will be getting a V-10 5.2-liter from the S8 model and will be debuted in the 2nd half of the next year. As for some spyder or R8 convertible, it's slated for debut in Europe on the 2nd half of next year and 2010 - this for the North America.

The baby brother of R8, the R4 unit was yet again denied. Michael Dick, member of board in management for the technical development at Audi, called it only a figment in the minds of all the journalists.